GlitterShip Winter 2020

Keffy R.M. Kehrli
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The Winter 2020 issue of GlitterShip Magazine!

This issue of GlitterShip magazine brings you from a contemporary fantasy world true-crime podcast to the depths of the sea and many stops in between. Fire magic... and knitting magic. Near future programmers, orphans looking for somewhere to belong, and a whole lot of spiders wait for you in this issue.

Table of Contents:

"The Ashes of Vivian Firestrike" by Kristen Koopman

"Insomnia" by R.B. Lemberg

"Split-Tail" by A.C. Wise

"Skin Hunger" by Wenying Wu

"Finding and Falling, in Various Ways" by Juliet Kemp

"Sirens" by Kat Riddell

"A Seed in the Ground" by Shannon Fay

"A Ladies' Guide to Collecting Mermaid Love Songs" by Aimee Picchi

"Shovelware" by Bogi Takács

"Three (Dancing Princes) by H. Pueyo

"Spiderkid" by Claude Lalumière

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GlitterShip Winter 2020

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