GlitterShip Year Two

Keffy R.M. Kehrli
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The complete second year of GlitterShip magazine.

A witch living in a graveyard for disobedient women. Slow-moving aliens filling the skies. A determined gumiho chef unable to taste their own cooking. Death masquerading in the guise of an elderly woman who crashes funerals for the sandwiches. Superheroes who make toast with their laser eye vision. A future expedition making sense of dilapidated 20th century technology. 

You'll find everything from high fantasy to hard science fiction in GlitterShip Year Two, and all of it queer. Within these pages, you'll find more than 30 short stories and poems by authors both established and new.

Table of Contents:

The Last Spell of the Raven by Sebastian Strange

Cooking With Closed Mouths by Kerry Truong

Mercy by Susan Jane Bigelow

A Seduction by a Sister of the Oneiroi by Hester J. Rook

Granny Death and the Drag King of London by A.J. Fitzwater

Curiosity Fruit Machine by S. Qiouyi Lu

The Need for Overwhelming Sensation by Bogi Takács

Oh, Give Me a Home by Nicole Kimberling

Skyscarves/Aurora by Joyce Chng

The Simplest Equation by Nicky Drayden

In Search of Stars by Matthew Bright

I stayed up all night waiting for the election results and then... by Joanne Rixon

The Slow Ones by JY Yang

Pastel Witch by Jacob Budenz

The Little Dream by Robin M. Eames

Cucumber by Penny Stirling

Circus-Boy Without a Safety Net by Craig Laurance Gidney

Ports of Perceptions by Izzy Wasserstein

The Passing Bell by Amy Griswold

becoming, c.a. 2000 by Charles Payseur

How to Remember to Forget to Remember the Old War by Rose Lemberg

The Pond by Aimee Ogden

The Subtler Art by Cat Rambo

Nostalgia by Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam

Songs of Love and Defense in the Dawn by Hester J. Rook

for she is the stars and the sun revolves around her by Agatha Tan

Corvus the Mighty by Simon Kewin

Smooth Stones and Empty Bones by Bennett North

Graveyard Girls on Paper Phoenix Wings by Andrea Tang

Seven Ideas for Algorithmic Shapeshifting by Bogi Takács

The Questing Beast by Amy Griswold

She Shines Like a Moon by Pear Nuallak

Parts by Paul Lorello

Do-Overs by Jennifer Lee Rossman

A Spell to Signal Home by A.C. Buchanan

Defining the Shapes of Ourselves by Jes Rausch

Lessons From a Clockwork Queen by Megan Arkenberg

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GlitterShip Year Two

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